The benefits of INSAR Membership include the following:

  • Free abstract submission for the upcoming annual IMFAR meeting
  • Reduced registration fee for the current year annual IMFAR meeting
  • Eligibility to chair a Special Interest Group (SIG)
  • Eligibility to serve as an Abstract Reviewer
  • Eligibility to apply for INSAR Awards (travel and other)
  • Free audio/video files of select IMFAR presentations (Keynotes, Panels, etc)
  • Access to all INSAR Summer Institute program recordings
  • Online subscription to Autism Research journal
  • Ability to vote and run for elected office in INSAR
  • Eligibility to participate on INSAR Committees
  • Free submission of job postings on the INSAR Web site (postings can be viewed by all visitors)
  • Inclusion in INSAR's Online Membership Directory

INSAR membership dues cover a calendar year (January 1 - December 31) and are not prorated.  When joining  INSAR mid-year, membership is through the end of that year. Dues renewal notices for the next year's dues are sent electronically to all members, beginning in September.  To be eligible for Member (IMFAR) registration fees, current membership is required at the time of registration.