INSAR Membership Types and Dues Rates 

Application Fees (does not apply to applicants from low income countries)

  • New and Rejoining Full or Affiliate Members: $50
  • New and Rejoining Student Member: $25

Should your membership lapse for non-payment, a new membership application will be required to rejoin, and the application fee will be charged. Please review the member types below to determine the appropriate membership category to which you belong.

Applicants from Low-Income and Middle-Income countries qualify for a reduced  membership and IMFAR registration rates. Please review the information on joining and/or renewing at the Low-Income/Middle-Income country rate.

Dues for 2017 Membership Year (January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2017)

Please note: Payments are no longer accepted through PayPal.

INSAR membership dues cover a calendar year (January 1 - December 31) and are not prorated.  When joining  INSAR mid-year, membership is through the end of that year. Dues renewal notices for the next year's dues are sent electronically to all members, beginning in September.  To be eligible for Member (IMFAR) registration fees, current membership is required at the time of registration.

Student Membership $60

Student applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, graduate, postgraduate, or postdoctoral training program involving autism related research at an accredited university.  Student applicants must submit a INSAR Student Eligibility Form to be completed by the student's advisor/mentor.  Post-baccalaureate / post-graduate status includes individuals who received a Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in the past five years and are active members of a laboratory (e.g. research assistants) with documentation from the student’s mentor.

There is a $25 new member application fee for Student Members. So, if you are joining or your membership has lapsed, your total will be $85. 

Full Membership $120  

Holds degree(s) from an accredited university, has at least two publications in peer reviewed journals related to autism research, and/or have external funding for autism related research. In addition, an individual may have other scientific credentials that they wish to submit to the membership committee for review. Full members have voting privileges.

There is a $50 new member application fee for Full Members. So, if you are joining or your membership has lapsed, your total will be $170.

Affiliate Member $120  

Affiliate membership status is available for non-students, including community stakeholders such as families and individuals living with autism, who do not (yet) meet membership requirements, but wish to enjoy the benefits of membership. Affiliate members do not have voting privileges.

There is a $50 new member application fee for Affiliate Members. So, if you are joining or your membership has lapsed, your total will be $170.